Announcement and Call for Papers

The 36th International Symposium on the Okhotsk Sea & Polar Oceans 2022
- Online Academic Sessions -

Dear Colleagues
   The 36th International Symposium on the Okhotsk Sea & Polar Oceans (Mombetsu-2022 Symposium) will be held in the form of Online Academic Sessions, because the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet been subdued in the world.
   The subjects are on the Environment of the Okhotsk Sea and Polar Oceans, Marine Biology, Fisheries, Arctic Sea routes, global warming, snow and ice, and other topics about sea ice.
    Since it is an online symposium, it has facilitated scientists from afar to participate, so please be welcome to apply for the symposium.

OUTLINE - Online Academic Sessions -


 February 21 (Mon) ‐ 23 (Wed) in 2022


 Arctic Research Center, Hokkaido University, Sea Ice Museum, City of Mombetsu


 Online presentation by Zoom. Zoom address will be sent later


 City of Mombetsu
 Executive Committee of Symposium
 Arctic Research Center, Hokkaido University (ARC)
 Japan Arctic Research Network Center (J-ARC Net)
 Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University (ILTS)
 Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere, Hokkaido University
 Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University
 Kitami Institute of Technology (KIT)/ Hokkaido Campus, Tokai University
 Okhotsk Campus, Tokyo University of Agriculture
 Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
 Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo (AORI)
 National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR)
  and more (Under planning)

 1) Environment of Okhotsk Sea and Polar Oceans
 2) Meteorology and Oceanography in Polar Regions
 3) Marine Biology and Fisheries
 4) Cold Region Engineering
 5) Arctic Sea Routes
 6) Global Warming and Environmental Change
 7) Remote Sensing
 8) Snow, Ice and Human Life
 9) Other Topics  ❏ If you want to make a workshop, submit its title and contents. 

 You can choose two types of participation: 1) Give a presentation, 2) Join the Sessions

 Free    All students
 Free    Presenter researchers from overseas
 Free    Just attendance the Sessions who live in Japan
 2,000 yen For presenters who live in Japan

CALL for

  I. Short Summary for classification to make up the program
    *Authors should submit a short summary of 100 - 200 words by 10 December 2021.

  II. Final Manuscript for the Proceedings (up to 4 pages, Camera-ready)

        *Manuscript should be sent to by 11 January 2022.
        *The instructions are on the Symposium website.


 If you participate from overseas, you cannot purchase the proceedings.
 All participants can browse the summary of the presentations online (free of charge) on PW.

     *You can choose two types of participation: 1) Give a presentation, 2) Join the Sessions 

 Presentation    17 December 2021 
                                         The registration for oral presentation has been closed.

 Join the Sessions  14 February 2022   *Attendance the session has extended.

 Final Manuscript  11 January 2022
 (up to 4 pages)

 Workshop proposal 20 November 2021